“The Secret” is the title of a book that took the world by storm quite a few years ago. It is a so-called self-help book, and aims to help people feel happy/get everything they desire/solve all the worlds problems. Ambitious one could say. “The Secret” claims to reveal precisely that; a secret. Known by few, and kept secret over hundreds perhaps thousands of years. This is apparently the reason that 1% of the population ows 98% of money in the world (I’ll be honest, I haven’t doublechecked that figure myself).

The philosophy behind the secret is this: Everything you bring into your world, you attract. They explain this with gravity, and the law of attraction of all objects in the universe. This then also applies to you life, everything bad you attract, and also everything good. Theoretically, and I guess also literally, you can envision an object, no matter how big, and it will come to you – via the law of attraction. Imagine that, you can have everything that you want, only you wish it hard enough. Sounds incredible right?

Well, after trying to use this technique praised by so many, I have come to realize many things about the philosophy and also myself. For a realist like myself (I don’t see myself as a negative person, but I have problems with committing to things that demand blind faith), I find the explanations around this ‘law of attraction’ and negative and positive thoughts literally attracting things into my life, hard to believe. Yet, I know for it to work, I knew I had to commit myself tothe idea entirely. And, to spare you anticipation if you’re here for the quick answer: It works. The reason I’m writing this, is because it sounds like gibberish, along the lines of astrology, but what the secret does, is it forces you to focus on the things you actually want in your ilfe. Your perspective forces you to see solutions and produce ideas you probably wouldn’t without that amount of security. Like any religion, you see the evidence that you’re looking for to conmfirm what you already believe. After realizing this I thought to myself that this is a great thinking exercise and a brilliant way to stay positive and acheive my goals in life.


But I couldn’t shake one thought. Why couldn’t the writer(s) of the secret just present it like that?

Unfortunately only two solutions come to mind: Either I am wrong, and I’m twisting the philosophy to suit my own life. Or, people aren’t interested unless it is presented in this sense: You can sit and imagine lots of money falling in your lap and it will happen, because the universe can hear your thoughts and will correspond to your will. If the second option is true, this just becomes a new religion, another answer to the questions we all think about; meaning of life, what our individual purposes are, and why we are so amazingly special. I hope I’m wrong. What do you think?

Ponder this, and have a great day!



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